December 16(Thursday)

No. 6: [Livelihood] What Effect Will the 5 trillion Yen Supplementary Budget Have?


The Prime Minister answers the question, "What will the supplementary budget mean for us?" A surprising amount of initiatives have now been put into motion!



Speaker of the House of Representatives: On behalf of the entire
Diet, I hereby declare the supplementary budget for FY2010 adopted.


Narration 1: Looking at the supplementary budget passed at the end
of last month, we realize that it has already begun to have an
effect on the lives of the people. For example...


Narration 2: You often talk about the "job creation in priority
areas." In specific terms, how will the supplementary budget help
with this?


Prime Minister: The reason why we don't see an increase in the availability of long-term care services in spite of the great demand is that caregivers aren't paid enough.


Narration 1: The support scheme for entrepreneurs hiring people in
long-term care and other growing sectors will be enhanced using
additional 100 billion yen.


Narration 2: Many who are about to graduate school still have not
found jobs. Something must be done immediately!


Narration 1: 50.1 billion yen will be set aside for programs and
initiatives to support new graduates' job hunting.
The number of career counselors and "job supporters," providing
face-to-face consultations for new graduates will be doubled.
Venues to match job seekers and companies will be set up.
"Hello Work" offices to support new graduates will be established
in all prefectures.
Immediately effective measures will begin to be implemented one
after another.


Narration 2: Young people who graduated years before have an even
harder time in finding a job than new graduates!


Narration 1: In order to make it easier for those who have already
graduated to be hired, a trial period for employment will be
introduced, which lowers the threshold for hiring.
Employers trying out this system will be provided "Trial Employment
Other subsidies as well will help to create more jobs.


Narration 2: We need support now for those living in poverty! 


Narration 1: Comprehensive counseling will be provided in
collaboration with NPOs etc., and temporary housing facilities will
be loaned out, in addition to other measures. Ten billion yen will
be provided for the flexible "Communal Bond Revitalization Project."
Prime Minister Kan personally commented on the name of this project.


Prime Minister: Unemployment, for example, means literally losing one's job, it also means the severing of human relationships, including some cases where the support of one's family is lost. I think the most important element of a "reassuring society" has to do with how communal bonds are reestablished.


Narration 2: Even if such stopgap measures are put into action,
those ineligible for employment insurance can't afford to undergo
reemployment training.


Narration 1: 100 billion yen will be used to extend the period of
the "Emergency Career Development Support Project," which combines
training with support for living expenses.


Narration 2: How about the development for nursery services or
measures to prevent child abuse?


Narration 1: An additional 100 billion yen will be expended for the
"Safe Child Fund" to address those issues.


Narration 2: What about the elderly? Can we create a society in
which they can continue to live in the areas where they have lived
for a long time?


Prime Minister: The key to this will be to create new "communal bonds" within this new era in which close relationships between people mean that even if a family member is not able to rush to the side of the elderly when something happens, someone else will.


Narration 1: 50.2 billion yen will go toward creating a basic
infrastructure for community-based services and a system in which
community members will support each other on a daily basis.
Specifically, 700 facilitates will be set up in which caregivers
will be allowed to administer medical care. Thirty model facilities
will be created to offer 24-hour-a-day patrol and visitation
services. 400 million yen will be used for these facilities.


Narration 2: What about frameworks to support women's health, or
preparations against new strains of influenza?


Narration 1: The "Maternity Checkups Support Fund" will be
strengthened. 11.2 billion yen.
In addition, 120 billion yen will be put toward free cervical
cancer vaccination, preparing against new strains of influenza, and
other projects.


Narration 2: What is actually being done to "revitalize communities"? 


Narration 1: A ground-breaking new subsidy has been introduced.
100 billion yen will be allocated to the "Bringing Light to
Residential Communities Subsidy." This money will be used for
policies to support regional consumers, countermeasures against
domestic violence and suicide, and measures to support self-
reliance, among other things. Additionally, 250 billion yen will be
put toward the "Attention to Detail Subsidy." This will be used for
measures to meet specific local needs for revitalization, such as
projects to move electric wiring underground and out of view around
tourism spots.


Narration 2: There has been some unusual weather lately. We need to
make sure our towns and cities are resilient against natural


Narration 1: 140.3 billion yen will be used to promote disaster
prevention measures, to deal with guerilla monsoons and other


Narration 1: Many different fiscal expenditures bring the total of
the supplementary budget to just a little over 5 trillion yen.
Combined with regulatory reform and other policies, the budget is
expected to result in the creation of jobs for nearly 500,000
people and an increase in Japan's GDP by approximately 0.6 percent.
And this isn't the only thing the Prime Minister is working on...


Prime Minister: We will soon be heading into the year end and the New Year. What needs to be done from here on goes without saying, and that is the formulation of the fiscal 2011 budget. If I were to liken this to a mountain, we are now heading from the seventh station to approach the eighth, and entering a stage at which we need to decide on a series of major and important issues.


Narration 1: Work to formulate the fiscal 2011 budget with an aim
to have a Cabinet decision by the end of this month is now taking
place at breakneck speed!


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