December 27(Monday)

Parts of the fiscal 2011 budget I am determined to pursue, such as the budget for science and engineering


The government succeeded in compiling its draft budget on Friday of last week.  Please look at the explanation found on the Prime Minister's Office web page for the differences between this draft budget and the budget up to now, as well as for an overall image of its contents.  Various interchanges that took place in the final phase of the work to formulate this draft, such as regarding block grants, are discussed in a video installment of "Prime Minister KAN's TV" and here I would like to discuss one of them.


I consider science and technology to be one of the policy areas of paramount importance.  In particular, I would like to cultivate dreams in this field among today's youth.  I hope that dreams also come to be shared by people nationwide.  In this spirit, I pushed for a dramatic increase in funding for scientific research (an increase of roughly 32%), standing firm in my convictions despite various kinds of resistance in the final stages.  Moreover, a new structure was incorporated into the draft budget by which this funding would take the form of an ongoing fund, in order to free it from being used up every fiscal year and instead allowing it to be used over multiple fiscal years.


I hope that in so doing young researchers come to be connected to such dreams that say, "If we work hard, we too can undertake marvelous research just as that Nobel Prize laureate did, or just like that of the Hayabusa spacecraft."


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