February 7(Monday)

No. 13: [Employment] "Task Force Team for the Employment of New Graduates" faces a crucial moment!


The Prime Minister answers the question "What is being done for the employment of new graduates given severe hiring rates?" With the end of the fiscal year approaching, the Government is putting out a last spurt to carry out a policy!



Prime Minister: I want everyone to have the attitude that you must
do everything you can in the following two to three months to
secure employment for new graduates no matter what, even if it
requires extra effort and personnel.


Narration: There are only two more months left in the current
fiscal year. Efforts to provide job hunt support for those who will
soon graduate and who have already graduated recently are now in
full swing. The debate of the Task Force Team
for the Employment of New Graduates is in its final stages as well.


Team member: I want to carve out the new job opportunities
by using the subsidies, and I think there is a need to establish
a connection between this and Hello Work.


Prime Minister: Are you feeling that there have been greater
efforts to promote job-matching with small- and medium-sized
enterprises (SMEs) than before?


Team member: We will focus on promoting job-matching
as much as possible by the end of March.


Narration: Discussion is not only taking place in the Prime
Minister's Office. Prime Minister Kan also goes to see staff
tackling the employment issue. On an observation visit to Hello
Work, he listened to the actual situation of employment from
students struggling to find a job, and the Job Supporters helping


Prime Minister: The Government is full of paper work, but unless
you visit places like this you wouldn't really understand the real


Narration: For example, New Graduate Support Hello Work for
students. Although such facilities have been set up across the
country since last autumn, students themselves pointed out that
they have not been widely known among those students
targeted by this service.


Hello Work User: I have always had an image of Hello Work as
being a place which helps those who have lost their jobs. I have
never really associated it with a place which supports students.


Prime Minister: Don't you think it would be easier for students to
notice that there exist these kinds of information centers for
their support, like Hello Work, if we posted advertisements around
places where students go to search for jobs?


Hello Work User: I think that's the best way to be informed.


Prime Minister: Please think about that.


Senior Vice Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Yoko Komiyama:


Job Supporter Yamada: Feeling of alienation is a problem, one
aspect of which is that there are more and more students who are
trying as hard as possible only to find it difficult to find a job,
and this causes severe mental anguish.


Narration: Says Mr. Yamada, who has been offering advice for
students struggling to find work. Students who have been
supported by Mr. Yamada also participated in the discussion.


Hello Work User: Things have not been going well. I began to think,
"Maybe I'm one who cannot make positive contributions to the
society?" But when I met Mr. Yamada and talked with him,
I began to really feel that I could give it another shot. He changed
my mindset. This April I will be starting work as a system engineer
at an IT company. I want to thank him from the bottom of my heart.


Prime Minister: Even if there's information available online, in
the end when we feel down what we want most is to talk with someone.
We want someone to help us get back our courage and spirit.


Narration: How far will these students with renewed courage
progress in their job search over the last two months of the fiscal
year? Based on the policies you see on the screen, the Task Force
Team for the Employment of New Graduates will make further
efforts to share information and strengthen job search support for new
graduates and those who have graduated within the past three years


Prime Minister: You can call this a moment of critical importance.
We will work hard enough to allow us to overcome this next peak.
I truly ask for everyone's assistance with this.


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