February 12(Saturday)

My respect towards the affairs in Egypt and my expectations


Egypt is now stirring to a tremendous degree. I first would like to express my respect for the fact that the people's peaceful activities demanding a change of government are indicating new developments.


On the 29th of January, when the current citizens' movement had only just started, I sent out a message urging reform in my opening remarks in the Special Address I delivered at the Davos meeting, saying "I strongly hope that the Egyptian government creates an administration with broad participation by the Egyptian people through dialogue with a large number of citizens and that both political stability and tranquility in people's lives are restored." Taking into account today's developments, I would like once more to express my expectations that a new administration will come into being democratically.


I highly appreciate the fact that Egypt has made such tremendous contributions to the peace and stability of the Middle East and of Africa as a whole. I very much hope that Egypt will in the future play a constructive role in this region, just as it has thus far--indeed, to an even greater degree than it has thus far.


I also want Japan and Egypt to continue unwaveringly into the future their long history of friendly and cooperative relations.


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