March 10(Thursday)

My expectations towards new Foreign Minister Takeaki Matsumoto and new Special Advisor Takayoshi Igarashi


Yesterday I appointed Mr. Takeaki Matsumoto to succeed to the post of Minister for Foreign Affairs. As the sitting Senior Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Matsumoto was the most qualified to carry on with the existing foreign policy line. I would like him to seamlessly push forward our efforts to address various matters of importance.


There was another noteworthy occasion yesterday when a key letter of appointment was bestowed. Professor Takayoshi Igarashi of Hosei University was appointed Special Advisor to the Cabinet. Professor Igarashi has been an acquaintance of mine ever since I came to know him through a dialogue on land problems appearing in a magazine more than 20 years ago. We also worked on the Basic Act for Land and the formulation of the 1992 draft revisions to the City Planning Act (lawmaker-initiated legislation) together.


Since then, Professor Igarashi has been energetically providing recommendations regarding public works and the revival of local areas as well as, among other things, the extremely long-term policy issues of the nature of politics and public administration geared towards overcoming a society with a declining population. He also shares a sense of impending crisis indicated in the graph showing profound changes in the population that I posted to my blog when the current Diet session began.


The issues that the government is now working on are all extremely important ones that will determine the shape of Japan in the future. I want to share with the government once more Professor Igarashi's knowledge and energy towards building the nation. That is the aim of this revision to our human resources. I also look forward to the tremendous cooperation of the Special Advisor team of the National Policy Unit.


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