April 23(Saturday)

No. 17 [Visit] Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture: One Month After the Earthquake


"Take a closer look at the disaster scene", "Don't go, you'll just be in the way", "Too early", "Too late" -- A variety of opinions circulate about the Prime Minister's visit to the disaster-hit areas. This video is a straightforward presentation of the "facts" - no music or narration as usual. In the first installment, we present the scenes from Ishinomaki.




<The Prime Minister shakes hands with the people from inside his vehicle>

Woman: We are counting on you to help us.


Prime Minister: I will carry out measures resolutely.


Fisherman: I'm counting on you, Prime Minister.


<The Prime Minister is briefed by local mayors at the Ishinomaki City Office>

Mr. Kameyama, Mayor of Ishinomaki City: I believe employment protection measures are what is most needed right now.


Mr. Abe, Mayor of Higashimatsushima City: Now's the time for the Government to step in. I hope you will lend us your support, as surely there will be no recovery and reconstruction without national-level efforts to get through this disaster.


<At Radio Ishinomaki's makeshift satellite studio inside the City Office, the Prime Minister appears on live radio>

Radio DJ: After this, Prime Minister Kan will visit places around the city and observe the situation of our towns.


Prime Minister: Hello everyone in Ishinomaki. This is Naoto Kan, the Prime Minister. It is my earnest hope that you will make strides on the road to recovery. The Government will do everything in its power and stand with you as you take these steps.


<The Prime Minister visits an elevated area overlooking Ishinomaki City and speaks to residents>

Prime Minister: I can only imagine what you are going through...


<Locally-elected member of the House of Representatives explains the damage>

House of Representatives member Jun Azumi: This is the main plant of Maruha Nichiro Foods, Inc. The inside is completely damaged.


<Requests for the Prime Minister>

Woman A: I hope you will do what you have to in order to achieve an early recovery.


Woman B: (Holding onto the Prime Minister's hand) Please make sure that someday everyone can become happy.


<Back on the bus. 'Stay strong, Tohoku!' are the words on the outside of the helmet of the driver, a Self-Defense Force (SDF) member>


<En route to the next destination, the Prime Minister continues to gather information on the impact of new aftershocks, etc.>

Prime Minister: The personnel at (SDF) Matsushima Air Base were saying it had no water service. How is the situation in the prefecture?


Mr. Murai, Governor of Miyagi Prefecture: Much of the lifeline services have been disrupted. Water service has stopped, and gas service has stopped.


<Interview: The significance of the Prime Minister's visit>

Mr. Murai, Governor of Miyagi Prefecture: First, the Prime Minister's visit helps to reassure the people of this area. I also believe if the Prime Minister sees for himself the devastation that was brought about, the Government's response would be different. Thus, I am truly grateful that he came here.


<The bus makes a sudden stop>

Man: May I ask you to get off for a moment?


<The Prime Minister gets off for an unexpected stopover and walks to the rubble removal site>

Prime Minister: Thanks for your hard work!


Residents: (Stopping what they were doing) Oh! Mr. Kan!


SDF member: (Explaining the work) The SDF and police clear away the rubble like over there.


Prime Minister: I am truly proud that you members of the police and SDF are working so hard in response to disasters of this magnitude, without sparing yourselves. Hang in there. Your hard work is very much appreciated.


Police and others: Thank you.


Prime Minister: Thank YOU!


<Meeting face to face with the disaster victims at an evacuation shelter> (no image/only subtitles)

"I don't know how we will live from now on."

-- A woman in her 80s tells the Prime Minister.


<The Prime Minister visits the Ishinomaki fishing port to directly hear the wishes of those in the fishing industry>

House of Representatives member Jun Azumi: The fishing boats in Miyagi Prefecture have been severely damaged...


Prime Minister: How are you getting through it? How are you really doing?


A member of the fishing industry: Cars as well as debris are scattered across the ocean. Instead of shifting the responsibility from one place to another, I hope work gets underway quickly to remove the debris from the fishing areas and sea routes.


Prime Minister and members of the fishing industry: (In unison) Ganbaro, Ishinomaki! (Let's do our best, Ishinomaki!) Ganbaro!


To be continued...

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