June 29(Wednesday)

My reflections over the past week


During this week in which I had taken a break from updating this blog, I was swamped with the extension of the Diet session, the appointment of new ministers, and so on.  What I had on my mind the entirety of that time was that we must not stop our movement forward toward recovery and reconstruction from the earthquake disaster for even a minute, and that we must pave the way for a system to prevent the recurrence of a nuclear accident.


I am truly pleased that Mr. Ryu Matsumoto kindly agreed to take on the job of Minister for Reconstruction in response to the Great East Japan Earthquake.  Since the earthquake disaster occurred, as the Minister of State for Disaster Management, Minister Matsumoto has continuously devoted the entirety of his time to lead countermeasures for the disaster.  Well-familiar with the disaster-stricken areas, he enjoys the trust of people concerned, notably the heads of the areas affected by the disaster.  In the future, he will be engaged in full-scale reconstruction efforts still further, formulating guidelines via the Reconstruction Headquarters in response to the Great East Japan Earthquake while giving due regard to the recommendations received from the Reconstruction Design Council on June 25.


As for preventing the recurrence of a nuclear accident, I have appointed Mr. Goshi Hosono as Minister for Conclusion of the Nuclear Incident and Prevention of Recurrence.  Since the accident first occurred, Minister Hosono has been devoting his full energy to measures to address the nuclear accident in his capacity as Special Advisor to the Prime Minister upon special assignment from myself, including relations with Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO), the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA), and foreign countries including the U.S., while also serving as the person responsible for drafting the report to the IAEA, among other tasks.  In the course of his activities, he has come to perceive in a most profound way the problems associated with current public administration of nuclear energy.  I appointed Mr. Hosono, a young man of 39, to be Minister in expectation of his further efforts, to ensure we create a system that prevents the recurrence of a nuclear accident so that serious problems will never occur again in the future.


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