July 26(Tuesday)

The second supplementary budget and the Basic Policy for Reconstruction


Yesterday, the second supplementary budget was passed by the Diet.  The Cabinet is pressing ahead steadily in handling the work that needs to be done.  The two major undertakings of "recovery and reconstruction from the earthquake disaster" and "bringing the accident at the nuclear power plant under stable control" are moving forward without interruption.


Continuing with this, today, the Reconstruction Headquarters in response to the Great East Japan Earthquake deepened its discussions on the Basic Policy for Reconstruction regarding the scale of the projects as well as the framework for fiscal outlays.  We will compile the Basic Policy within July and finally link it to discussions on the third supplementary budget for full-fledged reconstruction.  While some criticize this as "late," if you view this with a non-emotional eye, since the earthquake disaster struck in March, work has been progressing steadily, with the first and second supplementary budgets passed in sequence, and next, the Basic Policy, which will serve as the basis for the third supplementary budget, to be decided shortly.


As Ms. Kiyomi Tsujimoto, Special Advisor to the Prime Minister, often says, it is not simply the reconstruction of society's "hardware" buildings and so on that requires budget allocations and policy measures.  We will also be engaged in "reconstruction of the heart" for each individual affected by the disaster and "reconstruction of kizuna (bonds among people)" that have been disrupted in society.  Not politics, but policies.  Now, the most important thing is to keep the people who have been affected by the disaster firmly in mind and dedicate all our energies to this situation.

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