August 15(Monday)

Ready to carry out my responsibilities


Today marks the 66th anniversary since the end of the Second World War.  At the press conference held one month after the earthquake disaster struck, I appealed to the Japanese people, saying, "The world has marveled at how those in the generation before mine were able to rebuild Japan from fields of ashes after the war.  Let us once again recall the spirit of reconstruction we felt then, reflect upon it, and re-channel it for our reconstruction work now."  Now, as we commemorate the events of August 15, I reaffirm those reflections.


Recovery and reconstruction from that earthquake disaster is moving ahead steadily.  On June 2, I declared at the meeting of DPJ Diet members that "I wish to pass on various responsibilities to the younger generation once a certain degree of progress has been made in tackling the earthquake disaster and once I have fulfilled my role to a certain extent."  The agreement made last week among the executives of the three parties of the DPJ, the LDP, and the New Komeito brought confirmation that the Bill on Special Provisions concerning Issuance of Government Bonds would be passed.  After that, passage of the Bill to Promote Renewable Energies also became expected.  In light of these circumstances, I clarified that I will carry out the promise I have made since June and hand over the reins of government once those bills, which have been my aims, are passed.


In the areas I have been pursuing at all costs - compiling a reform proposal to address social security and tax issues as an integrated issue, recovery and reconstruction from the great earthquake disaster and bringing the nuclear accident to a stable conclusion, and bringing fundamental reform to our nuclear energy administration, among others - we have successfully advanced to a point at which reversion to the past is now impossible.  However, with a large number of issues still ongoing, including the problem of radioactive contamination, we cannot now gradually slow down our pace.  The Kan administration will continue to dedicate itself to fulfilling its responsibilities until the very last second of its term.

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