August 26(Friday)

"No. 27 [Conversion] The Bill to Promote Renewable Energies Finally Passed! Comments from the Prime Minister and Citizens Awaiting its Passage."


On August 26, although much focus was on Prime Minister Kan's press conference announcing his resignation, the most important news was the passage of the Bill to Promote Renewable Energies, which was connected with the Prime Minister's resignation. (Please see Prime Minister KAN's TV No. 24 for the content of the Bill.) The voices of many people reached the Prime Minister in the period leading up to the passage of the bill.



<August 26 Press Conference by Prime Minister Naoto Kan>

Prime Minister: I have something I would like to report to the people of Japan. Today, thanks to the tremendous efforts of the ruling and opposition parties, the Diet passed the Bill to Promote Renewable Energies.


A bill that Prime Minister Kan insisted on passing right up until the very last moment.


<June 15 At an "Energy Shift Now!" meeting>

Prime Minister: Developing natural energy sources. Creating options. The first step for these will be the Bill to Promote Renewable Energies!


<From Prime Minister KAN's TV No. 24

<Actress Ms. Miyuki Matsuda>
Ms. Matsuda: You are the only person who can drive this change right now. I earnestly ask for your leadership on this.


<Singer Ms. Tokiko Kato>
Ms. Kato: I sincerely pray for its enactment.


A large board inscribed with a request to pass the Bill was handed to the Prime Minister at a public meeting that advocates a shift to renewable energies.
The board has since been sitting in the Prime Minister's office until today. And not only this panel alone...


<June 11 At a volunteer center in Kamaishi City, Iwate Prefecture - the Prime Minister was suddenly stopped by someone after observing the facility>

Man: Prime Minister Kan, if we think about the future I think the best choice is natural energy.

Prime Minister: Yes, I will do it.

Man: Good luck!

Prime Minister: Thank you. [Shaking hands with the man.]

Man: Thank you.


<June 23 At the Peace Memorial Park in Itoman City, Okinawa Prefecture - standing with wind turbines in the background>

Woman: There is wind as well today, in addition to sunlight. I think it would be nice if we could harness natural energy resources as there are plenty of them.


Also during the open dialogue on natural energy with people across the nation via the Internet...


<June 19  "Open Dialogue with the Public" on Natural Energy>

Moderator: We have received many comments and messages via Twitter as well. [Introducing the comments received.]

"As a major premise for promoting natural energy, I think there needs to be a shift to a society that consumes less energy."




<July 13  Press Conference by Prime Minister Naoto Kan>

Prime Minister: These thoughts led me to conclude that with regard to Japan's future nuclear power policy, we should aim to achieve a society that is not dependent on nuclear power.


At this press conference the Prime Minister drew attention by clearly stating a break away from dependence on nuclear energy.
At its conclusion the Prime Minister said,


Prime Minister: Work to actively secure new renewable energy sources and promote energy conservation. I will seek to advance on the basis of this consistent concept.



Half a month later, at the meeting of the Energy and Environment Council gathering relevant ministers...


<July 29 Energy and Environment Council>

Prime Minister: The possibility of introducing renewable energy sources. We as the Government were truly able to propose a base for the strategy for innovative energy and environment.


The Prime Minister's personal thoughts were consolidated into the official energy policy.
Two days later, the People's Energy and Environment Conference was held as a symposium in which everyone can freely participate to think about future energy policies together.


<July 31 In Chino City, Nagano Prefecture, "People's Energy and Environment Conference">

<Prime Minister Kan listening attentively to the speech by environment journalist Ms. Junko Edahiro>
Ms. Edahiro: We the people must think about our own energy supplies, which we have hitherto left entirely to the national government or power companies, as our own issues, making choices and decisions by ourselves. We must change the energy supply structure from within the community.


In Hiroshima and Nagasaki as well...


<August 9  Nagasaki City>

<Atomic bomb survivor Mr. Koichi Kawano>
Mr. Kawano: I want to see a safe and secure society with renewable natural energy as a core energy source.


<August 6  Hiroshima City>

<Atomic bomb survivor Mr. Susumu Tsuboi>
Mr. Tsuboi: By demanding that the path be taken toward natural energy and toward nuclear-zero, and putting them into practice, we would like to respond to the questions and expectations from the world.


<August 26 Plenary Session of the House of Councillors passage of the Bill>

Finally, backed by so many supportive voices, the Bill to Promote Natural Energies was passed.


<Going back to the "People's Energy and Environment Conference">

Prime Minister: This (renewable energy) will definitely lead to a new industrial revolution in Japan, and I want to say that it is totally possible. Thank you!


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